We help you to unlock the necessary ECA support for your project by developing and executing a strategy that selects strategic partners and contractors with a view to maximize tied & untied support

Financing of the scale as required for most modern refinery and petrochemical projects would be impossible in the current market without significant Export Credit Agency (ECA) support. In the majority of these transactions globally during the past 10 years, ECAs have been providing the bulk of debt financing.

Such support has been either through traditional “tied” financing, mostly provided by way of guarantees for commercial debt, which is linked to equipment supplies and other construction services provided by ECA home market contractors, or by so called “untied” ECA financing, which is not tied to equipment supplies and not governed by the OECD consensus rules, but usually requires a strategic interest of an ECA home country entity in the project – e.g. by way of equity participation or commodity off-take. The investment of such strategic partners will have to be addressed during the early stage of the project development.

We help you to unlock the necessary ECA support for your project. We develop and execute a project strategy that, while supporting your commercial objectives, also considers the necessary strategic partnerships to access potential untied financing and ensures that the competitive selection process of contractors & suppliers will result in maximizing ECA eligible financing.