We optimise your bid price by exploring all available risk allocation solutions (traditional and innovative, new ones) and running an efficient funding competition amongst all potential financing sources  

We help you to deliver a successful bid by developing the optimal contract and financing structure for your project. Such structure minimizes both, the cost of risk and the cost of capital. To achieve this goal we identify and analyse all potential risk allocation scenarios available and select the one that best meets your goals. Furthermore, we manage a competitive selection process amongst all potential financing sources and instruments, ensuring that any commercial & project structure developed will not exclude interesting financing solutions too early in the process.

We fully blend into your bid team and manage your bid process with contractors, providers of debt and equity as well as coordinate work streams with other external advisors and other parts of your project team. We support you all the way from short-listing potential EPC and O&M contractor to securing non/limited-recourse debt financing and, if required, additional equity investors.

Having seen and executed numerous solutions in various industry sectors and countries allows us to develop innovative and bespoke solutions for our clients and their individual transactions.