We maximize value for the public sector by analysing all procurement options available (not only PPP) in order to determine the optimal level of Private Sector Participation

Government procurement processes sometimes focus too much on a decision between traditional public procurement on the one hand and a certain, commonly used PPP solution on the other hand. The decision, however, is not really between a public or a private solution as reality shows that almost every public project involves a certain degree of private sector participation. Even publicly procured and financed projects are mostly built by private sector contractors. Therefore, the correct question is not whether to involve the private sector in procuring projects, but rather what the optimal level of private sector participation in a project (and its risks) is.

We take an unbiased approach and provide comprehensive procurement advice by identifying and assessing all procurement options, that means all feasible variations of private sector participation available and find the optimal solution for our government clients. The failure to adopt the best procurement solution, particularly at the beginning of a tender process, can lead to significant delays and additional cost – or even put the entire procurement at risk.

We also advise on PPP policy frameworks and PPP Units with a view to establish processes and procedures that ensure an optimal procurement result and adopt the early stage option analysis outlined above.

When identifying and analysing all available procurement options or framework characteristics, we benchmark to international best practice but also consider which elements of transactions are transferable to our client’s local market (and which are not). We understand and respect the unique dynamics of individual markets and that project/PPP frameworks or transactions can’t be a copy & paste from other international markets.

We have specialised in early stage procurement strategy and PPP framework advice and gained extensive experience over the years, advising various governments and government agencies in multiple countries on the procurement of single projects or entire master plans as well as developing PPP frameworks with a view to optimise private sector participation and financing.